You read that right! Back by popular demand is Advanced Pilot Seminar's hands-on engine operating course normally held in Ada, OK (sometimes at other sites). Using the most advanced engine cell in the world and state-of-the art multi-media technology, APS will show you how to lean your engine the right way, without sacrificing performance or durability. Rich of peak or lean of peak.

In a world where avgas could easily be $6 a gallon, the course will pay for itself in fuel savings, not to mention lower maintenance bills and razor sharp skills in interpreting an engine monitor. Learn lean of peak the right way. Leaner is cleaner, cooler and smoother. And because it saves gas and emits fewer unburned hydrocarbons, it's also greener.

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Spring or Fall 2023 . . maybe
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Green of Peak® is a trade mark of General Aviation Modifications, Inc. Used with permission.

"The APS classes are state-of-the-art, hands-on, personalized, seminars for pilots and owners of piston-engine aircraft, teaching revolutionary, yet time-proven, techniques which make flying safer, more economical and just plain easier."
- Tom Gresham, GunTalk TV

"In ten years everyone will be operating their engines the way these guys are teaching."
- Dr. Jay Apt, Astronaut, Bonanza and Twin Beech owner
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