John Deakin

John is a retired JAL 747 Captain with over 39,000 flight hours. He holds the ATP, CFII, and MEI, Instructor Certificates and has extensive radial and flat engine experience. He has flown everything from Piper Colts in South America to WWII war birds. He flew for Air America in the 60's and wrote a monthly column for AvWeb. John has done all the flying we dreamed of doing, although he downplays it as "having just survived." He was a Commemorative Air Force pilot on the C-46, B-24, B-29, T-6, Bearcat and Zero. He owned a V-tail Bonanza with GAMIjector set #1.

Sonya Atkinson

Sonya's passion for aviation began in high school but her flight training was delayed by college basketball, marriage, and raising a family. After her two-decade delay, she attended APS as a student pilot and realized her life-long passion a short time later. She joined APS in 2008 and has flown a variety of GA aircraft. She owns a Bonanza and a C-170 and routinely cruises her carbureted Cessna LOP. While a ski instructor on Vail Mountain, she awoke one morning and said, "No more snow. Let's find an aviation community somewhere warm and move."

Walter Atkinson

Walter is a retired general dentist with over 4700 hours flight time. He holds the ATP, CFII, MEI, and A&P Certificates and is a published author of novels and professional articles on dentistry and aviation. Walter did his first landings in a C-172 on the beach at Chandelier Island south of Gulfport, MS, and has had a Bush Pilot mentality ever since. He has been a Commemorative Air Force pilot on the C-46, C-47, and B-24 and has radial and flat engine experience. He had GAMIjector set #3 on his Bonanza and is now the current owner of a 1969 E33A Bonanza.