What our attendees are saying about their experience in the Seminar. Feel free to send us your own.

"I have said to many other pilots that attending the APS school is a life changing event and the best $1,000 you will ever invest in your aviation life. It's that good." --Ed Livermore

"Another reason for learning and flying WOTLOPSOP, "the Modern Technique of Airplane Engine Management". When my engine (Continental IO 520F in a 1980 Cessna 206) began running rough on a trip from Illinois to Arkansas the other day, I ran through the usual diagnostics on my JPI 701, including a lean check. No. 2 EGT peaked at 16.8 gph, and the other 5 were all between 13.5 and 14.3 where they usually are. Fouled but not completely plugged injector? Pulled the power back, still running lean, and number 2 dropped off the line completely - dead cold. Definitely fouled injector. No. 2's running much leaner than the rest of the cylinders was what was making it run rough. Rough but not dangerous. I landed 5 minutes later, and asked the mechanic to pull and clean it. End of problem. Now assume that I was flying, ROP, the way the POH says I should, and this happened. Number 2 running leaner than the rest of 'em could easily have put it right in the dangerous part of the "red box" and could have done itself serious damage. Continued flight ROP while I tried to figure out what the problem was or get to an airport would have continued the danger. Could have been a bummer. LOP (or full rich, which I tried too, in an effort to diagnose the problem), it was not a safety issue. Thanks, the course just paid for itself."

"After 4,000 hours of flying single, multi, instruments, and float planes, this seminar was the single most interesting and valuable two days I have spent in aviation." --Fred Scott, Baron Owner

"I highly recommend...no, I insist that everyone attend this seminar. Even with an Aeronautical Engineering degree, and experience working at the FAA's Technical Center in the engine test division, I learned a wealth of information. Even more important than how to manage the engine, I got a much better understanding of why. This is not a boring seminar where your mind can wander off someplace. You need to pay attention, so come prepared to put some effort into the learning process. You will be rewarded with never wondering what to do with that red knob." --Scott Foster, Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing

"I will be using my new-found knowledge & confidence in LOP in my GAMIjector Bonanza. I was afraid, but now I have knowledge."

"Anyone who flies piston planes who wants to understand their engines should take this course. There is no substitute."

"Too bad that so many great flight instructors and great shop mechanics do not understand even a small percentage of what you present so convincingly." --Steve Martin, IA Martin Aviation

"I left the Seminar, and with my new knowledge, flew all the way back to Virginia non-stop. I landed with over an hour of fuel. I've never been able to do that before. Thanks. That's the best speed mod I've ever purchased!"

"My quiet friend who came with me was a 30 year career Marine aviator (along with his half-dozen or so AirMedals he wears four Distinquished Flying Crosses.. this is not a typo) and he knows a little about airplanes...and now flies several very sophisticated twins and teaches multi-pilots and he was - like me - extraordinarily impressed with what he learned... I just mean that regardless of one's experience a pilot is likely to benefit significantly."

"Even though this is a seminar you have to work at, it's also one Helluva a lot of fun and the camaraderie is fantastic..."

"In ten years everyone will be operating the way these guys are teaching." --Dr. Jay Apt, Astronaut Bonanza & Twin Beach Owner

"Over the years I have attended many seminars on many topics. For my money, the Advanced Pilots Seminar is, hands down, the most interesting, most useful, and the most bang for the buck of any of them."

"I spent a lot of money to find out that I had it wrong for 40 years. The class was outstanding."

"We all came to the program with individual questions and concerns about the best way to operate our different engines and you managed to tailor the program such that most of the information could be used by everyone."

"Perhaps the best thing to come out of the program is the huge range of options that are available to operate an engine safely and efficiently... and where NOT to operate it."

"Being taught the full capability of a good engine monitor and how to interpret what it can tell you could easily save your engine. This, of course, means that it could also save your life."

"The course started out with everyone being asked to come up with a question they had regarding *anything* to do with aircraft engine operation. By the time the course was done all those questions and many many more had not only been answered; the why for the answers was given and the proof that the answers were accurate was also given."