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By popular demand we have created an online version of the acclaimed "Engine Management Made Easy" course for an introductory tuition of only $395.00. You can now get all of the information in your easy chair at home on a high-speed connection. For the pilot or mechanic who cannot arrange their travel schedule or take the time away from work or family this is ideal.

The internet version of "Engine Management Made Easy" is a detailed, multi-media, online course reflecting nearly all of the aspects of the live class. It is designed for all levels of pilot experience, from the private pilot to the ATP and covers basic piston engine theory from the basics through advanced concepts. You will see all of the same material as seen in the live class including the engine runs on the Carl Goulet Memorial Engine Test Facility at GAMI and the in-flight videos shown in class. The APS class has always been a firehose of information over 2 1/2 intense days in the classroom. One advantage to the online course is that you may proceed at your own pace. For a more detailed overview of the material, see the description of the curriculum to the live class.

"Engine Management Made Easy" presents a very thorough description of the modern engine monitor and how to interpret it. Not only will you learn to use it for leaning, but how it can save you money year after year on maintenance costs. You will become comfortable using the engine monitor to diagnose a wide variety of engine problems, including clogged injectors, fouled plugs, impending valve failure, detonation, and pre-ignition. Like the live class, this course will save you money--and maybe your life.

"I teach people how to present seminars for a living. I've never seen anything remotely as well done as this class. You guys should be teaching people how to put on seminars!" --former APS student.

Take the class at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You will need a high-speed connection.

No need to fight a tough schedule or worry about travel or weather.