Course Overview

Engine Management Made Easy is a relaxed-but-busy two full days (16 hours) generally Friday and Saturday. It is designed for all levels of pilot experience from the private pilot level to the ATP and covers basic piston engine theory from the basics through advanced concepts. You need not be an engineer or an A&P to get the most out of this Seminar. It is tailored toward all internal combustion engines, fuel injected and carbureted, both normally aspirated and turbocharged.

Engine Management Made Easy presents a very thorough description of the modern engine monitor and how to interpret it. Not only will you learn to use it for leaning, but how it can save you money, year after year on maintenance costs. You will become comfortable using the engine monitor to diagnose a wide variety of engine problems, including clogged injectors, fouled plugs, impending valve failure, detonation, and pre-ignition. This course will save you money -- and maybe your life.

Food and Transportation:
A catered lunch is served both days of the two-day course.

Since we normally stay at or near the seminar site, we do not furnish transportation. UBER, taxis, and rental cars will be readily available.

In this course, you will learn what millions of hours of data says about your engine!

John Deakin returns as a course presenter!