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manual Course Manual

ONLY available to those who sign up for the ONLINE course. This is the handout in the "Live" class, and is NOT required for the On-Line seminar. But so many have asked for it, we make it available here.
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deakin Full Throttle by John Deakin

292 pages, hardcover, $34.95. A compilation of some of the short stories on CompuServe's AVSIG from more than 50 years spent around airplanes, and the people John met along the way. Some are funny, some serious, a few are sad, all are entertaining. Inscribed or autographed.

Electronic version now available. Click here!
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basictheory Basic Theory of Operation -
Turbo Compound Engine

NEW AND ENHANCED! (Reprint, technical content unchanged) This booklet is literally the centerpiece of our APS seminars and part of the Live Course handout material. It is a remarkable booklet that very clearly and concisely explains the principles behind mixture control in ALL internal combustion, spark-fired, gasoline engines. HIGHLY recommended. Originally published in 1957 as a collaborative effort between American Airlines, then operating the DC-7, and by Wright Aeronautical Division of the Curtiss-Wright company. Many comments and graphs from APS add immense value. New Size 8.5" x 11", now spiral bound, 32 pages, Color. $35.00 (USD)
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proptopilot Prop to Pilot

(Reprint) A 1948 (rev 1958) booklet by Hamilton Standard. This small (8.5" high, 5.5" wide) book has 60 pages, all but four in color, with most of the figures drawn by hand. Excellent quality reproduction, better than the original. It explains the props on the big old radials very well in practical, real-world terms, and most of the operational principles extend to other props. It covers constant speed, feathering, unfeathering, reversing, pitch lock, synchronizing, synchrophasing, and electric de-icing. It covers those props controlled by engine oil, as well as those with integral oil control.
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aircraftengine The Aircraft Engine and Its Operation

A reprint of the classic engine book by Pratt & Whitney, 1955 version, reprinted in loose leaf binding. It's a beautifully done book on radial engines, loaded with color illustrations. The information is exceptionally clear. Also contains the famed Pratt & Whitney "Letters" (about 35 of them, in black and white), the P&W booklet on Torquemeters (color), Operating Curves, and two types of superchargers (color).
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